The death of a child

The death of a child is that unimaginable loss no parent ever expects but cringe when it happens to some one else.

Living after losing Were here yo share with other bereaved parents what to expect and some of the snares in carrying on in life you may come across. Marriges and relationships can be strained. There is a a new defination of how your outlook on life will be and what you may of thought to be "normal".

Mothers and fathers mourn a cope differently. Surviving siblings greive and suffer as well. There simply no anwser out there that you can come up with on why. We may feel that we can not cope with this kind of madness or stress in our life, but if we fight on because of your living family and friends around you the clouds of greif will indeed lessen over time and we as parents will find a way to live on and even laugh again.



     How Losing a Child can affect  parents.
 Specifically, parents who experienced the death of a child would be more  likely than nonbereaved parents to report depressive symptons, poor psychological well-being health problems, limited social particiption, marital disruption, and limited occupational success.


The death of a child is a tranmatic event that can have long term lasting effects on the lives of parents.This study examined bereaved parents of deceased children (infancty to age 34) and comparison parents with similar backgrounds (y=428 per group) identefied in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study. an average of 18.05 years following the death, when parents were the age of 53, bereaved parents reported more depessive symtoms, poor well-being and more health problems and were more likely to have experienced a depressive episode and marital disruption than were comparison patients. Recovery from greif was associated with a sense of life purpose and having additional children but was unrelated to to the cause of death or amount  time since the death.The results point to the need for detection and intervention to help those parents who are experiencing lasting greif.